Welcome to Sport Social Las Vegas

At Sport-Social we empower Las Vegas kids by teaching social skills through sports, music, the arts, and computers. We have an ABA trained staff that help children of all ages and abilities reach their full potential through social skills learning in our 10,000 Sq. Ft., air-conditioned facility. Our facility is equipped with a skate park, basketball court, bounce house, arcade, music room, and more! We offer individualized, real-world social skills programs and private lessons in sports, music, art, and computers. All of our programs are designed to help your kids build self-confidence, learn how to make friends, and become the best versions of themselves!

Sport-Social is a good fit for your child if he or she is struggling with:
  • Self-confidence
  • Making friends
  • Expressing his/her feelings
  • Understanding social cues
  • Overcoming peer pressure
  • Problem solving
  • Developmental disabilities

All instructors at Sport-Social are trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis which allows us to offer our services to youth living with Autism and other behavioral challenges. Click here for more information. Come visit us and receive a complimentary tour and assessment. Schedule one today by calling (702) 485-5515.